Prices and reservations

Our prices vary according to the time of year and the type of occupancy, see the table, please.


Prices valid from: 01 June to 30 September
Occupancy type
 individual (single)              42.50
Double (king size bed)      49.75
Double + baby crib             55.00
Double +single                     59.75
Double (twin)                       49.75
Triple                                       59.75
Extra bed                               12.50
Prices valid from: 01 October to 31 May
Occupancy type
 Individual (single)                35.00
Double (king size bed)        45.00
Double + baby crib               52.50
Double + Single                     57.75
Double (twin)                         45.00
Triple                                         57.75
Extra bed                                 10.00
* These prices do not include breakfast.
* The breakfast is an extra cost of 5.00 € per person
Price policy

These prices may change without prior notice.

The above prices are in Euros per night, per room and include VAT and other applicable fees.

Como reservar

Para formalizar o seu pedido de reserva, contacte-nos através dos meios de contacto abaixo indicados, ou preencha o Formulário de Reservas:
Telefone: +351.252.862.165
Telemóvel: +351.918.126.784
Fax: +351.252.861.324

Tipos de Pagamento, aceites:
- Numerário
- Multibanco
- Cartão de crédito (exceto American Express)
Formulário de reservas